• Aerial robotics

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    Teachers : Floreano Dario.
    Language : english

  • Robotics practicals

    The goal of this lab series is to practice the various theoretical frameworks acquired in the courses on a variety of robots, ranging from industrial robots to autonomous mobile robots, to robotic devices, all the way to interactive robots.

    Teachers : Floreano Dario.
    Language : english

  • Group project (equivalent to semester project)

    The LIS is participating in the organisation of the annual inter-disciplinary robot competition within the STI, where teams of students from different sections design robots to collect and recycle drink bottles and cans. The goal of the competition is to collect as much garbage as possible, and sort it (plastic, glass, aluminium) into the correct recycling boxes. The robots have to be completely autonomous, and will compete at the end of the semester in an arena with a variety of terrain (flat, rocks, grass, steps, …) to demonstrate their capabilities. 

    Students are given the opportunity to manage a complex robot design project within their group, including budget management, all the way from initial idea to producing the final robot. A dedicated workshop space is available, equipped with 3D printers, and a large variety of mechanical and electronic parts are available to realise the robot. Students will learn and practice a wide range of important skills and techniques like CAD design, electronics, embedded programming, 3D printing and other rapid manufacturing. Many concepts that are taught in the Mobile Robots course (above) can be applied and experienced in praxis. 

    The competition is equivalent to a semester project. The evaluation is based on design reports, milestones and presentations during the semester, and independent of the competition result.

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